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Senedjemib Complex: nine fragments of relief from G 2382 (originally thought to be a tomb, but now known to be a jumbled deposit of limestone blocks from other nearby tombs): top row: [originally from G 2381] 13-1-555 (= MFA 13.4346.6) (rephotographed in combination with B1293, B1321, and parts of B1613, B 1618 as A7051), [originally from G ____] 13-1-558gg (= MFA 13.5876); middle row: [originally from G 2381] 13-1-557 (= MFA 13.5831.14, inscribed architrave), [originally from G 2381] 13-1-558o (= MFA 13.5830.4), [originally from G 2381] 13-1-558l (= MFA 13.5936.7), [originally from G 2381] 13-1-545 (= MFA 13.4335, part of frieze of standing figures of Nekhebu); bottom row: [attributed to G 2381] 13-1-558n (= MFA 13.5983), [originally from G 2381] 13-1-557 (= MFA 13.5831.3, inscribed architrave, displayed upside down), [originally from G 2381] 13-1-555 (= MFA 13.4346.5)


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    Harvard University-Boston Museum of Fine Arts Expedition
  • Subjects
    Object(s) photograph: Site: Giza; view: G 2382, G 2381
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    MFA 13.4346 (overall): seated figure of Nekhebu (facing right) and three registers of offering bearers (facing left) leading cattle and gazelle; consists of three blocks and six fragments (from 13-1-555); three possibly related fragments (from 13-1-558) accessioned as MFA 13.5974. MFA 13.5830 (overall): Nekhebu seated in carrying chair on poles supported by at least twelve men, two men carry sun shades and others carry poles supporting canopy over chair, among them are dwarfs with dogs; five registers of figures make up this procession; consists of thirty-six blocks and fragments (one fragment from 13-1-555, four fragments from 13-1-556, one fragment from 13-1-558, thirty fragments original registration number unknown, assigned 13-1-558); one additional fragment (from 13-1-556) not MFA owned. MFA 13.5936 (overall): seated figure of Nekhebu (facing right), vertical columns of inscription above (original position to left of section of facade with ceremonial dancers and offering bearers MFA 13.4348); consists of nine fragments (original registration number unknown, assigned 13-1-558). MFA 13.5959 + MFA 13.5960 + MFA 13.5982 + MFA 13.5983 (overall): portions of two registers: upper register: row of funiture (chests or tables), lower register (visible on only one fragment): head of male offering bearer (facing left); one additional related fragment with portion of upper register (furniture) only; consists of four joining fragments (two fragments from 13-1-558, two fragments original registration number unknown, assigned 13-1-558); one additional related fragment (original registration number unknown, assigned 13-1-558) accessioned as MFA 13.5961.
  • Problems/Questions
    VERIFIED: for those identified, identifications made based on Brovarski composites; MFA accession numbers verified

Tombs and Monuments 2

  • G 2381

    • Site Name Western Cemetery
  • G 2382

    • Site Name Western Cemetery

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