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Green faience statuette of Ptah, finely made, with bronze scepter; inscribed on reverse [GLYPHS] [Dd mdw jn ptH rsj jnb.f nb anx tAwj dj anx nb snb nb Aw.t nb mj ra Dt] "Recitation by Ptah, South of His Wall, Lord of Ankh-Tawy, given all life, all health, all happiness like Re forever."


  • ID
  • Department
    Egyptian Museum, Cairo
  • Classification
  • Findspot
  • Material
    Green faience
  • Dimensions
    12.5 cm
  • Credit Line
    Egyptian Museum, Cairo
  • Catalogue General number
  • Object owned by
    Egyptian Museum, Cairo
  • Notes
    Purchased at Giza in 1886
  • Remarks
    RELATED MEDIA: EMC_JE_Sp262-263lr; EMC_CG_038001-039384_127LR; ALTERNATE NUMBER(S): EMC_CG_38468

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