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Limestone false door inscribed for Hetepi. // Falsa porta di Hotep.


  • ID
  • Department
    Museo Egizio, Turin
  • Classification
    Architectural elements-False Doors
  • Findspot
    Mastaba of Hetepi (2)
  • Material
  • Credit Line
    Museo Egizio, Turin
  • Object Ownership Information
    In the collection of: Museo Egizio, Turin
  • Period
    Old Kingdom, Dynasty 6
  • Owner
    Hetepi (Hetepi 2)
  • Object owned by
    Museo Egizio, Turin

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Full Bibliography

  • Curto, Silvio. Gli Scavi Italiani a el-Ghiza (1903). Rome: Centro Per Le Antichitá E La Storia Dell'Arte del Vicino Oriente, 1993, p. 67, fig. 21, pls. XX-XXI.

People 1

Ancient People

  • Hetepi (Hetepi 2)

    • Type Owner
    • Remarks Owner of Hetepi (2) (unnumbered mastaba, perhaps a later reuse/modification of the secondary (northern) cult niche of Hetepi (1); exact location uncertain). False door (Turin S.1847) inscribed for Hetepi, identified as [sHD xntjw-S pr-aA xntj-S pr-aA Hrj-sStA] inspector of palace attendants of the Great House, palace attendant of the Great House, secretary; found in mastaba of Hetepi [Hetepi (2)]. His identical name and titles may suggest that the owner of Hetepi (2) is a son or other family member of the original Hetepi.

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