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Drawing: chamber debris from G 7410 B: top: 27-1-6 (carnelian disc bead), 27-1-5h (fragment of copper tool), 27-1-9 (fragment of pottery dish), 27-1-10 (fragment of pottery vessel), 27-1-11 (fragments of pottery jar); 2nd row: 27-1-5d (fragment of copper tool), 27-1-5g, 27-1-5f (fragments of copper chisels); 3rd row: 27-1-5e (fragments of copper tool), 27-1-5c (copper axe head fragment), 27-1-13 (fragment of pottery jar), 27-1-14, 27-1-12 (fragments of pottery vessels); 4th row: 27-1-5b (fragment of copper chisel), 27-1-15 (fragments of pottery bowl), 27-1-16 (fragments of pottery jar), 27-1-17, 27-1-18 (fragments of pottery vessels); 5th row: 27-1-5a (fragment of copper chisel), 27-1-19 (fragments of pottery bowl), 27-1-20, 27-1-21 (fragments of pottery jars); 6th row: 27-1-8 (fragments of alabaster offering table), 27-1-7 (fragments of alabaster model cup), 27-1-22 (fragments of pottery vessel), __-__-__, 27-1-27 (fragment of pottery jar); bottom: 25-2-730 (= MFA 25.2411) (fragment of alabaster model cup)


  • Classification
  • Department
    Harvard University-Boston Museum of Fine Arts Expedition
  • Material
    Inked drawing

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