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Diary Transcription:

microfilm: begin page 485

Friday, September 3, 1926

Work on:
(1) G 7000 X,

(1) G 7000 X
*A4138: duplicate of A4137, 3 meters instead of 5 meters.
Wheeler drew cloth on top of pottery see page 952 - 953 scale 1:5.

No. 1022: See A4134.
Heap of potsherds east of 1020.
Over it runs west end of the decayed cloth (see page 952 - 953). Removed cloth as (a).
Removed potsherds (1)-(7). (6) and (7) fit.
[ILLUSTRATION] D over 35 cm.

No. 1023: Shriveled black fragments (leather?) scattered over middle area of pottery, see A4132, over the cloth and northwards, see page 952 - 953. On A4132 these are shaded [ILLUSTRATION] and lettered a - f. We removed a and b, the rest are at present inaccessible.

No. 1022: continued.
Potsherds (8)-(18).
Over (8), (9) etc. lies cloth and wood over the cloth along north edge stains of copper oxide (or carbonate). Almost all these potsherds were loaded with cloth, fragments wood, plaster etc. fallen in confusion through the crevices.

No. 1020: continued. See A4134.

No. 1021: continued. See A4134.

No. 1024: See A4134.
Potsherds north of 1020.
(1) from large red ware bowl [ILLUSTRATION]
(2) and (4) ditto [ILLUSTRATION]
(3) small red ware saucer [ILLUSTRATION] D 8.8
(5) red ware bowl [ILLUSTRATION]

*A4139: nos. 1020, 1021, 1022, 1024, looking east, a bit north

No. 737: Removed floor dust and filling of depression under 737. After brushing clean the rock, the print of the southern side of the box was still clear - 6.5 cm from south wall.

microfilm: end page 485


  • Classification
    Documentation-Expedition diary pages
  • Department
    Harvard University-Boston Museum of Fine Arts Expedition
  • Credit Line
    Harvard University–Boston Museum of Fine Arts Expedition
  • Display Page Dates
  • Author
    George Andrew Reisner, American, 1867–1942
  • Mentioned on page
    Noel F. Wheeler, British

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Modern People

  • George Andrew Reisner

    • Type Author
    • Nationality & Dates American, 1867–1942
    • Remarks Egyptologist, archaeologist; Referred to as "the doctor" and "mudir" (Arabic for "director") in the excavation records. Nationality and life dates from Who was Who in Egyptology.
  • Noel F. Wheeler

    • Type Mentioned on page
    • Nationality & Dates British
    • Remarks Wheeler was a Lieutenant Commander in the Royal Navy according to George A. Reisner's, "A HIstory of the Giza Necropolis, Vol. I."