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  • Type
    Individual - Ancient
  • Gender
  • Also Known As
    Manuel de Codage : kAp
  • Remarks
    Appears (without family relationship, if any, indicated) on limestone false door (MFA 21.3081) inscribed for Khufuankh (owner of G 4520), left flange of tablet (one of three men facing right, figure on left), identified as [sn Dt] brother of the funerary estate; found in situ in G 4520. Might be same Kap (possible owner of G 4522) attested on fragmentary limestone standing pair statue (14-3-16 + 14-3-23 + 14-3-32 = MFA 21.2602) inscribed for Kap (identified as [jrj-xtmt n pr-aA xntj-S] he who is in charge of the sealed goods of the Great House, palace attendant) and his wife Hy and fragment of limestone seated pair statue (14-3-31 = MFA 14.1461) inscribed for Kap, identified as [rx nswt xntj-S n pr-aA jmAxw xr nTr aA] royal acquaintance, palace attendant of the Great House, revered before the Great God (belongs with 14-3-24 = MFA 14.1455, fragment of limestone seated pair statue inscribed for Niankhhathor); attributed to G 4522.

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