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  • Type
    Individual - Ancient
  • Gender
  • Also Known As
    Manuel de Codage : HrmAxt
    Alternate spelling : Hor-em-akhet
  • Remarks
    Child ([ms n] born) of Hetepbasteru. Set of ca. 384+ inscribed and uninscribed ushabtis (29-4-407), with ca. 329+ inscribed for Horemakhet (uninscribed ushabtis from this set attributed to Horemakhet); set of four (29-4-433 = MFA 29.1133a-b, 29-4-434 = MFA 29.1134a-b, 29-4-435 = MFA 29.1135a-b, 29-4-436 = MFA 29.1136a-b) alabaster canopic jars (with lids in form of heads of four sons of Horus) inscribed for Horemakhet; found in G 7524 A, room (?).

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